Five ways to help you put away your phone once in a while

Five ways to help you put away your phone once in a while

Our smartphone is here to stay. We’re connected with each other all day, never get bored for a minute anymore and we’re able to work place -independent. But because of this development a big part of our life is being played on a screen, with result that real life is  passing us by. Wouldn’t it be better to put our phones away more often? We have straightened out some tips and tricks for you.

Every man has his own trade

Buy a real alarm and wear a watch. In this way you’ll have less distraction from your phone and you’ll be less agitated by the notifications on your phone. Those seconds you actually needed to check the time can easily result in lost Facebook minutes. And hey, wearing a watch is quite cool. Also a good excuse to treat yourself on a new one.

No phone zone

Create your own zen space at home or at work by creating a fully phone free zone.

By being offline half an hour a day, you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch to the fullest or to really listen to someone else.

Undivided attention

Familiar? Having lunch together and in a split second everyone has been drown into their screen. If someone is busy on his/her phone in the presence of others, you’ll be tempted to take out your phone as well. So, set the right example, be aware and put your phone away and ask the other to do the same.

Time reallocation

Do you have any idea how much valuable time each day you threw away by checking your phone? Make a to-do list, switch your phone off and start your tasks. You should see how active you have been on the end of the day!

Wake up

How many minutes a day do you lose using your phone? On average people keep their phones in their hands for 23 days a year, that’s 1,5 hours a day. Download an app which indicates and maps your phone use. You’ll get scared by the result! 

Put your phone down once in a while, take a look around and enjoy. Live conscious and make sure you’ll cherish the important and beautiful moments to the fullest.

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