6 things that transform your house into a retreat

6 things that transform your house into a retreat

Your house is your world in which you charge your battery, experience intimate moments and you’re able to be your crazy self. Here are 6 simple ways to turn your home into an oasis of calm.

Goodbye time

The clock on the wall, nightstand, your phone and coffee machine like to remind you to the time. When you’re home, you’re allowed to relax and you don’t need to justify to the world. So, throw away some rest killers and relive your moments at home consciously.


Open the curtains when you wake up and make sure the window treatments are open when you get home. Like written before, light has a positive effect on our mood, biological clock and our hapinesshormons. So, make sure you let the light into your house.

Nature’s beauty

Men and nature aren’t separated from each other. Humans are part of nature. That’s why you should bring nature into your house as much nature as possible in order to feel your best. (Decorative) wood, pineapples, acorns, pumpkins and houseplants are recommended. in this case.  

P.S. Don’t know where to get these items? Take a beautiful walk in the woods and bring home what you find on your way.

Don’t torture yourself

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to clear your head. Bills? Appointment Cards? Grocery List? Don’t hang them in plain sight but burry them in a separate bin, tucked away in a closet. Instead you should use your favorite pictures as decoration. Feed your subconscious with happiness and you’ll discover yourself luckier when you leave and get into your house.

Calming scents and colours

We know that scent and colour influence our mood. That’s why you should decorate your house with scent candles which make you help relaxing and use colours which make you zen. Tip: pastels are real easyriders.

Happy place

Like to read books, be creative or do you have other hobbies? Acknowledge this activity with an own table or corner. You’ll notice you’ll be able to focus more and get better satisfaction out of your hobby when you do this.

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