5 ways to open your heart

5 ways to open your heart

Heal your body and soul by opening your heart. December has just passed and we started a new year. This is the moment to do things differently. Show more love this year, to others and to yourself. Because what comes around, goes around. And with these tips.. this will happen in a very pleasant way!


Give more of yourself. Buying someone a present is easy and fun, but this is not what is being meant here. Subscribe for a charity or help someone who could use some help. The cause is that you are doing something selfless.


Nothing heals your heart better than forgiveness. Let go of old grudges and embrace the future. This implies forgiving somebody else.. and forgiving yourself as well.


We always want more. More work, a bigger paycheck, more holidays, more beautiful things and more happiness. Take a moment and draw your attention to what you have and what you may do. Don’t compare yourself to others and be grateful.


Be empathetic, be understanding and show compassion. Be less critical, turn a blind eye once in a while and see the good in everyone. You’ll experience that your days will be more relaxing and loving.


There’s nothing like the innocence and joy of a child. Adults don’t seem to admit to this energy anymore because of daily concerns or suffering. Try to revive these moments and you’ll see your prejudice, concerns and stress vanish like a shadow in the sunshine.


Why would you longer torture yourself with grudge or turmoil? Enable your heart to give and receive more love with abovementioned tips.

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